Blizzard accidentally “announced” a nerf to the barbarian in Diablo 4, outraged fans, and then came true

by alex

Blizzard Entertainment made a little mistake when preparing for the update and gave fans of the barbarian in Diablo 4 an emotional swing

Blizzard publishes a description of the updates for Diablo 4 shortly before their release. This happened with patch 1.4.1, which is going to be released on May 28.

The attention of fans of Varvara was attracted by the following point – it looked as if Blizzard was going to greatly weaken Crushing Blow. , it runs a build that is quite popular:

«Fixed a bug due to which Barbarian's Bash dealt a multiplicative [ multiplying] damage instead of stacking damage in combination with the Tempering affix, which splits “Strike” [damages multiple targets]“.

Those who managed to invest in the creation of this build began to actively express their indignation at the actions of the developers. barbarian” was not planned at all – this entry accidentally ended up in the notes, the developers corrected the hint (and something went wrong):

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“Friends barbarians, sit down. It's time to tell the story.

Crushing Blow will remain [with multiplying damage] and its note will be corrected.

Nothing changed for this [ability], and it was actually the team's attempt to fix the tooltip issue. Fixing this tooltip issue caused a multiplying damage scaling issue that we saw [in Diablo 4 internally] but no one else saw externally. We fixed this issue, but it accidentally ended up in public notes.

We are updating the notes to reflect this.  The crushing blow remains the same (and still multiplies).”


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