AvtoVAZ added diversity to the Granta line: they began to paint the car in a new color

by alex

In total, the Lada Granta palette has already grown to 5 colors

Airbags did not appear in the Lada Granta (now not only the Granta, but also the Vesta and Niva are produced without them). ), but a new color appeared. According to the insider public Avtograd News, «Grant» started painting it in the color «Coriander».

«From December 22, AvtoVAZ added metallic enamel "Coriander" to the color palette of Granta cars. A sufficient number of cars in this color are already rolling off the assembly line, so the Granta model is currently painted with five enamels», – insiders reported.

АвтоВАЗ добавил разнообразия линейке Granta: машину начали красить в новый цвет

Among these five enamels, two are ordinary (white and black) and three are metallized: «Borneo» (tëmulti-gray color), «Platinum» (silver) and «Coriander» (light brown).

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