Already the second major publication is trying to whitewash Sweet Baby and make gamers look like paranoids with a rich imagination

by alex

Following Kotaku, PC Gamer published an article in which it calls specialists in promoting the agenda simple consultants

PC Gamer has joined Kotaku in an attempt to whitewash Sweet Baby and shield agenda pushers from the gaming community by calling them mere consultants.

“Consultation has been an industry standard for many years.”

The author of the material emphasizes several times that that a certain group of gamers have invented an enemy in Sweet Baby, and sincerely believe that the company is ruining games by forcing developers to create the plot and characters taking into account the agenda and political climate.

“It’s much easier to believe in an insidious outside influence with its cabalistic tentacles latching onto your favorite hobby than to admit that most gamers don’t actually care. It’s very easy to invent some evil company that, at the point of a metaphorical gun, forces developers to turn inclusivity to the maximum, and not… simply provide useful services to developers.”.

< p>Like Kotaku, PC Gamer cites Kill the Justice League as an example, insisting that the game failed because Warner Bros. make it a live service, not Sweet Baby consultations.

A video has appeared demonstrating all the outfits of the heroine of Stellar Blade

“Sweet Baby is not responsible for the quality of the game. She is hardly responsible for the quality of the plot. The last word remains with the designers. And designers can get the best advice in the world and then not listen to it.” news: WB Games)

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