A record number of smartphones will be sold in Russia in 2023

by alex

There are a lot of reasons

According to Izvestia, a record number of smartphones have been sold in Russia since the beginning of the year.

В 2023 году в России продано рекордное количество смартфонов

In 11 months, 27 million devices were sold in the country, and this is more than in the record year 2020. For comparison, in 2021, over the same period, 1 million less were sold, and in 2022 – only 21 million.

There are many growth factors. This includes pent-up demand, rising wages in certain industries, and large-scale advertising activity by retailers, including promotions like “1+1” from MTS. In addition, new Chinese brands that actively promoted inexpensive smartphones also played a role. The expansion of the coverage area of fast mobile Internet also contributed.

Unfortunately, the source does not provide data on the average selling price of a smartphone or total revenue, although it would be interesting to compare the performance of the current record year in quantitative terms with 2020 and 2021.

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