A drone surveillance system has been launched in Russia. It will allow airplanes to fly safely at the same time as drones.

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Tests are taking place at an airfield near St. Petersburg

At the Putilovo airfield near St. Petersburg, they began testing a drone surveillance system that will allow organizing simultaneous flights of unmanned and manned aircraft. The General Director of «Aviatelecominvest» LLC spoke about this. Alexander Ignatiev. According to him, the system will ensure flight safety according to the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) both in the general airspace and in areas designated specifically for drones: at low altitudes and in the urban air mobility space.

A ground automatic surveillance station ADS-B 1090ES was deployed at the airfield, which receives data from aircraft equipped with transponders and transmits them to the «Nebosvod» system. The aircraft independently determines its location in the air using GPS and GLONASS, and then sends this data to the ADS-B ground station using the 1090ES data transmission standard recommended by ICAO and used throughout civil aviation.

Following the Dacia Duster, the third generation Renault Duster is presented

«Firmation» can receive observational data from all sources, process and predict conflicts in the air, not only between drones, but also between unmanned and manned aircraft. With platform «Firmation» More than 80% of domestic drones are already compatible. At the end of May, it is planned to conduct such tests, when unmanned aerial vehicles and small aircraft will take off simultaneously.

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