“+1 phobia to the owner of Vesta.” The Lada Vesta's intake manifold exploded, the owner says that 5 cases have already been recorded

by alex

Dealer confirmed intake manifold explosion

User Diman2023 of the Drive2 autoblog platform described a problem that arose with his Vesta: the intake manifold exploded on the car. According to the owner of the car, the situation is not isolated: five such cases have been recorded recently.

«At the beginning of the month I started starting the car from autostart and heard a bang from home. I go to the window, look, the car works like a tractor, I immediately turned it off with the button. I didn’t even go to check what happened there, since a few weeks before I had already seen a similar explosion in another person. In the morning I start calling the dealer and calling a tow truck. Tow truck from a dealer — this is a different story: I waited in line for 3 hours to answer the call. The car was then brought to them and they confirmed the intake manifold had blown and ordered a new part. They never said the reason. My opinion: the new December firmware of the ECU [electronic engine control unit] is to blame. Whoever reads various groups and chats has seen that this month there have already been about 5 photos of different blown up engines», — wrote the owner of Lada Vesta. This description is accompanied by a photo showing a collapsed intake manifold.

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Judging by the description, the Lada Vesta Diman2023 is equipped with a 1.6-liter engine. The car in the Enjoy configuration was purchased at the end of July last year. At the time of the trouble with the collector, the mileage was 18 thousand km.

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