You can now play the game on YouTube not only figuratively, but also literally. YouTube Playables section becomes available to everyone

by alex

Of course, who has a YouTube Premium subscription

The YouTube Playables gaming section is being launched for everyone. Of course, having a paid YouTube Premium subscription.

Let us remind you that the section appeared as an experimental function in September. Now it has begun to be rolled out worldwide to all subscribers of a paid tariff plan. As usual, full deployment will take some time.

There are currently 27 games in the section, including Angry Birds Showdown. Let us remind you that the Playables section itself includes only games that can be launched directly from the YouTube website or application without the need to install it on the device.

Apparently, Google itself is not confident in the success and necessity of such a section, since for now it says that it will be available until March 28 of this year. Whether it will remain after this date depends on how actively people use it.

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