Yandex introduced a new Alice based on YandexGPT

by alex

The advanced version of the assistant will even be able to work as a nanny

Yandex introduced a new generation of Alice — based on the YandexGPT neural network. The developers note that now you can communicate with a virtual assistant as with an intelligent, thoughtful interlocutor: Alice can explain complex concepts and phenomena, offer ideas and maintain the context of the conversation. The new Alice is available to all users on all major devices and platforms.

Alice has learned to explain complex things in simple terms; now she answers 95% of questions and can name the source of information. To work with texts, a separate chat with Alisa has appeared on — In it you can, for example, compose theses, slogans and other texts. The chat is synchronized across devices: you can start a conversation on your computer and continue on your smartphone. In addition, it is possible to conduct several chats at the same time: the context and history of communication are saved in each chat, without mixing.

Яндекс представил новую Алису на основе YandexGPT

You can now communicate with Alice like a person, moving from one topic to another, say the creators of the assistant. Alice learned to keep the context of the conversation and ask additional questions, as people do when they don’t understand something. And if the interlocutor is distracted or lost in thought, the assistant will wait for his response. 

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Alice Pro is also presented, which gives access to the most powerful generative neural network of Yandex — now it is YandexGPT 3 Pro. Thanks to her, Alice is able to give detailed answers, work with different styles and formats, and follow instructions with several conditions. Alisa Pro has also mastered the skills of a virtual nanny: she will wake you up on time and do exercises, and before bedtime she will remind you that you need to brush your teeth. Option «Pro» is available to Yandex Plus subscribers and costs 100 rubles per month. You can try the option and evaluate the additional features of Alice for free for six months.

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