Xiaomi has announced an inexpensive built-in refrigerator Mijia Refrigerator Cross 518L in the Side-by-Side category

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All you need to “build it in” is a niche

Xiaomi has published a teaser image of the new Mijia Refrigerator Cross 518L Side-by-Side refrigerator. According to the creators, a large device is integrated into the kitchen simply by installing it in a niche of the appropriate size.

Xiaomi анонсировала недорогой встраиваемый холодильник Mijia Refrigerator Cross 518L категории Side-by-Side

The name of the refrigerator indicates the volume of all its compartments, but the depth should not exceed 60 cm so that the refrigerator forms almost a single plane with the facade of the kitchen.

In its line, the new product will be half a step lower than the previously presented Mijia Refrigerator Cross Refrigerator 521L model. The Mijia Refrigerator Cross Refrigerator 521L costs $420 in China, so the new model should be cheaper.

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