What can we say about the quality of Vesta NG if the old Niva is full of shortcomings? AvtoVAZ is conducting the third service campaign for Lada Niva Legend since the beginning of autumn

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Now they will eliminate “knocks” in the front suspension

AvtoVAZ is conducting a service campaign to repair the front suspension of the Lada Niva Legend. More precisely, if the owner complains about knocking in the front suspension, they will inspect the front stabilizer and change its bushings.

Что говорить о качестве Vesta NG, если в старушке-«Ниве» полно недостатков? АвтоВАЗ проводит уже третью сервисную кампанию по Lada Niva Legend с начала осени

This is the third service campaign carried out since the beginning of autumn. As part of the previous ones, I flash the engine control unit (if there are complaints about unstable engine operation) and change the cylinder head cover due to oil leaks.

On the one hand, of course, it’s good that the plant recognizes the problems and takes measures to eliminate them, but on the other hand, there are somehow a lot of problems for a machine that has been produced in the country (albeit with a number of upgrades) for almost 50 years.

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By the way, Lada Vesta NG owners also complain about the stabilizer bushings (and in general about the fragility of the suspension).

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