Valve has named the 10 most popular demos from the Steam Game Festival in February 2024. Analogue of Escape from Tarkov, strategy and more

by alex

Among the hundreds of demos at the Steam Festival, players especially liked the strategy and the local analogue of Escape from Tarkov

The Games to Be Demo Festival (or Steam Next Fest) will soon end on Steam. Valve decided to conduct interim results, highlighting the ten most popular projects.

The list included strategies like the upcoming shareware RTS Stormgate; a newly transferred RTS game from the famous Homeworld 3 series or the turn-based 4X strategy Millennia, published by Paradox Interactive.

Dungeonborne was also noted, this is something like Escape from Tarkov in the world dark fantasy with dungeons and corresponding classes (various magicians, swordsman, etc.).

The list includes Pacific Drive, the authors propose the concept of survival in the Olympic exclusion zone by car: the main character travels by car and does things familiar to the genre – explores and collects resources.

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10 most popular demos at the festival “There will be games”< strong> on Steam in February 2024 (subtotal):

The “Games to Be” demo festival on Steam will end on February 12, 21:00 Moscow time.

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