Ubisoft noted the “amazing response” from players to Skull and Bones. The second season of the AAA game is just around the corner

by alex

Ubisoft announced the start of the second season of Skull and Bones, thanking players for the “overwhelming response” to the start of the game's journey. It was believed that the project was experiencing difficulties due to large discounts after the launch, but perhaps the company managed to turn the situation around.

In a blog post, Ubisoft announced the future of the project, but first thanked the players who made it possible:

“Let us Let's start by saying how amazing it's been for all of us here at Skull and Bones to see the overwhelming response from our entire community since the game launched… It's because of your incredible participation that we've been able to watch, listen, understand every week throughout the first season and, more importantly, respond to your feedback.”

Ubisoft didn't mention how many copies of Skull and Bones there are in its latest financial report. at full price is sold out at the moment, but said the game provided “strong engagement”. It posted the second-longest daily playtime of any Ubisoft game, with the average session lasting four hours for several weeks after launch.

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