UAZ “Bukhanka” with a completely new engine is on the way. The same engine can be installed on other cars

by alex

In Crimea, an electric motor, a charge controller and other components were certified that allow turning the “Loaf” into an electric car

Crimean Research and Production Enterprise «Elkafa» received certificates for a set of components that allows you to turn the UAZ-452 «Loaf» into an electric car. True, despite the fact that certificates already exist, testing of components is still ongoing.

«We are developing a set of components for converting cars into electric vehicles. «Loaf» is one of the donors to test the kit. In July, sea trials of the electric vehicle began, they are still ongoing, because summer and winter need to be captured. Tests will take place until March, all shortcomings will be identified. We have received certificates for this set of components and, thus, will be able to legally install them on cars and register them with the traffic police », — said the head of the association for the development of electric vehicles «Rustranselectro» Mikhail Demuria.

A competitor to the Mercedes-Benz GLS from Huawei began to be sold unofficially in Russia. Aito M9 turned out to be inexpensive for a large, powerful and technologically advanced machine

The set of components includes the electric motor itself (it is produced in Voronezh), a traction battery (Lipetsk), and a charge controller (Skolkovo).

Electric «Loaf» is unlikely to amaze with its characteristics: real power reserve on one charge — about 180 km, maximum speed — only 80 km/h, charging time from a network with a voltage of 380 V — 4 hours. It is not reported what other cars it will be possible to install components from the electro-Loaf, but it is obvious that there will not be many compatible models. 

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