Toyota solid-state batteries will appear in tens of thousands of company vehicles by 2030

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Models have not yet been announced

Toyota's solid-state batteries will be limited to 'tens of thousands' of vehicles in 2030 and beyond

Toyota recently joined forces with Idemitsu Kosan to develop and produce solid-state batteries for future electric vehicles, but this will not immediately lead to large-scale adoption of solid-state cells.

The automaker has divided its collaboration with Idemitsu Kosan into three phases. In the first stage they will improve the quality, cost and production time of sulfide solid electrolytes, the second stage will include the construction of a large pilot plant to produce new batteries. Toyota then expects to achieve commercialization by 2027-2028 before commencing mass production.

Твердотельные аккумуляторы Toyota появятся в десятках тысяч автомобилей компании к 2030 году

However, initially this “mass production” will be very limited. In fact, Toyota Times reported that Toyota and Idemitsu Kosan will only aim to increase capacity to a few thousand tons per year, which would be enough for “several tens of thousands of vehicles” by 2030.

The production volume of Russian Solaris, Rio and Creta for the coming months has been revealed. We're talking about thousands of cars.

It remains to be seen which vehicles Toyota will produce and sell with solid-state batteries first, but given that capacity will be quite limited, it's reasonable to assume that they will be high-end, low-volume models.

In the near future, future Toyota electric vehicles will use innovative new prismatic battery cells that are said to increase range and reduce weight. The Japanese brand is also going to introduce gigacasting in the production of its electric vehicles.

Idemitsu has been researching and developing solid-state batteries since 2001, and Toyota has been doing the same since 2006.

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