“They lied to us from the very beginning.” Tekken 8 players are furious after the developers added a Battle Pass

by alex

After the announcement of the battle pass, Bandai Namco studio was subjected to severe criticism from Reddit users. Many are unhappy with the addition of a cosmetic store.

Fans are very upset and cite the fact that Tekken 8 was already a premium release for $70. Considering that there are people who bought the Deluxe Edition for an even higher price, they think this is outrageous.

Player Odd-Parking6571 writes:

“Anyone who sits and defends this nonsense is already dead. I personally pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition, thinking I'd get all the DLC content with the season pass. They lied, they always knew there would be a Tekken store and a battle pass, but they still spoon-fed the community because they knew that if they said it from the beginning, there would be a backlash. Complete bastards. These are rotten ways of doing business, but many people seem to be happy to cave in and let corporate greed break down the back door.”

Buying the Battle Pass is optional. But it looks like Bandai Namco is going all-in on microtransactions, taking it one step further with each new update.

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Fans claim that Bandai Namco has specifically limited in-game customization. According to them, this was done in an attempt to lure players into the cosmetics store and Battle Pass.

The Tekken Fight Pass will launch this week. The price tag and exact rewards have not yet been disclosed.

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