“There is no “completely completed half-hour of game”” The creators of “Smoot” explained why they don’t show the gameplay

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Pre-orders for “The Troubles” are being collected, but they are in no hurry to show the gameplay. It turns out that the time has not yet come

“There is no “completely completed half-hour of game”” The creators of “Smoot” explained why they don’t show the gameplay

The developers of the domestic action-RPG “Smuta” are in touch again. We again touched upon the topic of showing gameplay. We're delaying the show. The fact is that, unlike the visual content – models, characters and cutscenes, which we have already completed and reported on under the contract, we plan to polish the balance of the combat system, animation, lighting until the end of development – the development time is very short, there is not much extra time. “A fully completed half-hour of play” simply does not exist – the balance of the combat system and the adjustment of the artificial intelligence of bots, for example, affect the entire game.”

Immediately tried to reassure the community:

“Does this delay testing? No – we work with a qualified team of testers who have worked with large successful projects , their experience allows us to successfully test not only the game as a whole, but also individual development branches, so we hope not to compromise the quality. The final build of the game itself will appear in early February. We do a development cut every two months, so the video material you see is shot on a slightly outdated version. What we can film now will be filmed on the version we put together in mid-November, so we split the gameplay show into two dev diaries.”

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First dev diary They will try to release “The Troubles” by the end of 2023, it will include “a show of moving through locations (no, not a corridor), a show of how the passage of the quest and dialogues changes depending on the player’s chosen appearance, a story about relationships with game factions.”

Regarding the second diary: “will be filmed using material from the January build and will talk about the combat system, enemies and bosses, as well as the leveling system, so with You will have time to get acquainted with the game before the release and completion of pre-orders“.

The release of “The Troubles” is scheduled for February 26 (2024).< /p>

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