The serial all-wheel drive Sobol NN has been presented with options that the car has never had before. The equipment is even better than that of the Lada Vesta

by alex

The start of sales of the new product expected in Russia should begin very soon

Serial all-wheel drive Sobol NN» (aka «Sobol NN 4×4») was presented at the EXPO exhibition, and this vehicle received advanced equipment — options that the car never had.

Included in the top version of the van — heated steering wheel, climate control, rear parking sensors, tire pressure monitoring system and blind spot monitoring system. That is, the equipment is better than that of the Lada Vesta. For example, AvtoVAZ’s flagship does not have climate control or blind spot monitoring.

The head of the GAZ press service, Nikolai Markov, said that the all-wheel drive «Sobol NN» has already entered the assembly line, therefore, the start of sales will be announced soon. According to preliminary data, the all-wheel drive «Sobol NN» will be offered with a 2.8-liter Cummins diesel engine and a 2.7-liter naturally aspirated gasoline engine. That is, the car will not receive a localized 2.5-liter diesel engine from the GAZelle NN. At the same time, the all-wheel drive car has its own subframe, original suspension, driveshaft with CV joints instead of crosspieces, and a new transfer case.

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