The Russian MMO shooter PIONER has received a thousand fixes. The donation store is not ready yet, but there is a lot of game content

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The PIONER team is gradually improving the game. The developers have prepared dozens of hours of game content

The authors of PIONER continue to work. CEO of GFA Games Alexander Nikitin decided to tell the community how work on the ambitious project is progressing.

Some people have already been able to participate in PIONER testing, which is still being carried out in closed mode – this helped to identify many problematic issues and then fix them:

“As a result of major testing and surveys, more than a thousand corrections have been made in the current version of PIONER. The largest categories of fixes were: balancing the difficulty of enemies and bosses, technical problems (bugs, freezes, crashes) and issues with balancing of individual types of weapons.”

PIONER project status:

  • For release All game modules are ready, except for the donation store, the arena game mode (TDM) and the location associated with it. A number of key mechanics and functionality are being polished and refined based on testing results.
  • GFA is now actively working to improve the stability of the game online – the developers are striving to increase the number of players on one server mirror and ensure high-quality gameplay even with an unstable connection.
  • The game's story campaign and key quest lines are being polished.
  • A number of units The studios have completed their tasks for the release version of the game and are working on new tasks – this will allow the studio to increase the amount of available content for the release version and fix some materials of insufficient quality.
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The PIONER advertising campaign is “close”, without specific dates yet:

“At the moment, there are several dozen hours of (not ideal, but) polished game content. With this in mind, a lengthy demonstration of gameplay is just a matter of timing.”


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