The head of Xiaomi announced the cost of Xiaomi SU7. But not the production version, but a prototype car

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In total, the company produced 576 prototypes of Xiaomi SU7

The head of Xiaomi, Lei Jun, said that to conduct development tests, Xiaomi built 576 prototypes of the Xiaomi SU7 electric car, and the price of each — 2 million yuan or approximately 300 thousand dollars. Of course, the production car will be cheaper, but its price will be announced only on March 28.

According to Lei Zun, Xiaomi SU7 prototypes have already covered 5.4 million kilometers. The cars were tested in 300 cities of the Middle Kingdom at temperatures from -40°C to 60°C, the car even climbed the Kunlun mountain system (the maximum height of the high-altitude test was 4768 m), which stretches from the Pamirs to the Sino-Tibetan mountains.

Глава Xiaomi назвал стоимость Xiaomi SU7. Но не серийной версии, а прототипа машины

It’s interesting that Xiaomi’s top managers traveled 100 thousand km in cars, and Lei Zun himself personally drove 3 thousand km. He made the longest train journey alone on January 5: the head of Xiaomi traveled 1,276 km from Beijing to Shanghai. Along the way we had to charge twice, the whole journey took 15 hours, and the speed most of the way exceeded 100 km/h.

Xiaomi CEO Lei Zun acquired a Tank 700 SUV right before the premiere of Xiaomi SU7

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