The first films created by the OpenAI Sora neural network have been published

by alex

These are short films for now

A select group of artists, designers and filmmakers had the opportunity to play with OpenAI's new tool Sora, which allows you to create videos from text descriptions. Now OpenAI has shared some of its work.

«As good as Sora is at creating things that seem real, we admire her ability to create things that are completely surreal», — said a representative of the Shy Kids company, which published the short film Air Head, in which the main role is given to a guy with a yellow balloon instead of a head. «I am literally filled with hot air», — the character says, describing the features of his life. On windy days, his head flies off his shoulders, and it is also quite dangerous for him to walk in the cactus store.

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«While we have a lot of improvements to make to Sora, we are already getting a sense of how this model can help creative people bring ideas to life», — OpenAI stated.

«The ability to quickly conceptualize at such a high level of quality not only challenges my creative process, but also helps me develop in storytelling», — said Josephine Miller, creative director of London's Oraar Studio.

The video, published by Miller, depicts an underwater world where people serenely swim and spin, covered with iridescent «scales».

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