The authors of Escape from Tarkov gave $50 compensation to EoD owners who managed to upgrade to the expensive The Unheard Edition

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The Escape from Tarkov team is gradually dealing with the consequences of the scandalous announcement. We have prepared a small compensation for the players

Recently, a new expensive edition was announced for Escape from Tarkov, which ended in a scandal. The fact is that The Unheard Edition included a PvE mode and the owners of the old premium edition of Edge of Darkness were indignant, since they were once promised “all the additions.”

The authors of Escape from Tarkov reported on their success in issuing compensation in the amount of $50 – it can be used in your personal account on the game website, as well as other forms of compensation:

«We continue to release add-ons for various editions of the game.

All players who upgraded to The Unheard Edition from Edge of Darkness before the upgrade cost was reduced will receive a $50 compensation. Please note that you can use the compensation only once: if the cost of all extensions you choose is lower than the compensation amount, the unused balance will not be used.

You can use compensation in your personal account on the Escape from Tarkov website.

Escape from Tarkov: Arena has become available to all owners of The Unheard Edition who purchased the edition or upgraded at full price.

Go to the EFT:Arena tab in the BSG launcher and log in to the Escape from Tarkov: Arena website.

As a bonus for owners of the Standard, Left Behind and Prepare for Escape editions the stash size has been increased by two lines»

Everspace 2 will be “transplanted” to Unreal Engine 5 in the spring update


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