Sony updated PlayStation 2 sales data for the first time in 12 years

by alex

The PlayStation 2 console and its library of games are still remembered today. This device also occupies a special place in the memory of the former head of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan.

In 2024, the head of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, left his post. He managed to participate in the PlayStation podcast, where he mentioned one remarkable indicator.

During the conversation, Jim Ryan mentioned sales of the iconic Sony PlayStation 2 console. The last time the company disclosed this data was in at the end of March 2012, then the figure was 155.1 million units.

Judging by Jim, the PlayStation 2 circulation is now 160 million – he said this when asked what the 2000s are remembered for:

«2000s? I would say 160 million – that's how many PS2s we sold“.

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