Sega Announces 'Sluggish' Holiday Sales Late 2023

by alex

Sega called holiday sales at the end of 2023 “sluggish” and “weak.” Typically, this period marks the peak of sales.

Sega Announces 'Sluggish' Holiday Sales Late 2023

As a result, the publisher and developer have revised down their sales and profit forecasts.

Among the games released by the company in the third quarter is Football Manager 2024, Persona 5 Tactica, Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, Sonic Superstars and Endless Dungeon, and Total War: Pharaoh on PC.

This news is brightened up by the company's recent successes since the reporting period, such as Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and Persona 3 Reload. The games quickly surpassed one million copies and continue to sell actively.

Sega cites several important industry factors as the reason for lower-than-expected sales, explaining: 

“ As for the entertainment content industry, in the consumer sector, market expansion, mainly in Europe and the United States, has reached a plateau due to the deteriorating economic situation caused by inflation and other factors.”

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