Russians do not consider either Zeekr or Lixiang a replacement for premium brands. The results of a new study “Autostat” have been published

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Tank collected the most votes

A study on whether Chinese cars managed to replace the European premium models that left Russia was conducted by the agency “Autostat” during the work on the project “Autostat Omnibus – 2024 (spring wave)”.

Three thousand Russian car owners were asked to answer the question «Which cars from China can be considered an alternative to premium cars?». The survey results showed that almost half of respondents do not consider either Zeekr or Lixiang to be a replacement for premium brands.

To be more precise, 42% said that replacements for the outgoing «premium» The Chinese cannot offer. The Tank brand scored 30%, second place went to Exeed, for which 28.2% of respondents voted.

Россияне не считают ни Zeekr, ни Lixiang заменой премиальным брендам. Опубликованы результаты нового исследования «Автостат»

The third position was taken by Zeekr with a score of 14.4%, followed by Voyah (10.8%) and Lixiang (9.8%). The remaining brands accounted for a total of 14.8%.

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