Russian tracked all-terrain vehicle Visuva with cool design announced

by alex

It is being developed in Krasnoyarsk

The creators of the extreme SUV Visuva demonstrated their new creation – tracked all-terrain vehicle. Moreover, the developers had not talked about anything like this before – The plans included an SUV, a pickup truck and something like a minibus. for transporting tourists along difficult routes. 

Анонсирован российский гусеничный вездеход Visuva с крутым дизайном

The all-terrain vehicle is distinguished by its modern design, but it is not as avant-garde as an SUV. There is narrow lighting technology, a wedge-shaped body, and all elements, like additional lighting from above and a winch, are skillfully integrated into the outer body panels. 

Анонсирован российский гусеничный вездеход Visuva с крутым дизайном

Due to the tracks, high ground clearance and excellent maneuverability are achieved, but nothing is known about the units. Let us remind you that it is planned to install engines and gearboxes from the Tank 300 and Tank 500 on the Visuva SUV. By the way, the SUV was planned to be shown at the All-terrain vehicle exhibition recently held in Moscow, but was never shown.

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