Russian-assembled Haval M6 goes on sale

by alex

Cars with Russian VINs are already at dealers

Two days ago, the Chinese Cars resource reported that the Haval M6 had begun to be assembled in Russia. At that time, the Russian office of Haval did not comment on anything, but confirmation of the Russian origin of the Haval M6 had already appeared: a crossover with the corresponding VIN appeared for sale at one of the dealers.

Haval M6 российской сборки поступил в продажу

In the VIN decoding, the manufacturer is Haweil Motor Manufacturing Rus LLC, country – Russia, address – Tula region, Uzlovsky district, Uzlovaya industrial park, st. Industrialnaya, 11. The Haval plant is located at this address.

Haval M6 российской сборки поступил в продажу

As you can see, the top version of the crossover is being assembled in Russia – with a robotic transmission.

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