Russia has created a system to prevent train collisions with obstacles

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It determines the distance using a laser and is suitable for the Russian climate

Holding «Shvabe» The state corporation Rostec has created a new system for railway transport that will help avoid collisions of locomotives with foreign objects along the route. The device determines the distance to an obstacle using a laser beam. According to the manufacturer, it is characterized by high measurement accuracy, as well as resistance to temperature changes, mechanical and electromagnetic influences. 

The collision avoidance system is installed on the main frame of the locomotive and connected to the train's on-board power supply for power supply. The principle of its operation is based on calculating the travel time of a laser beam from the device to the object, the measurement range is from 0.3 to 50 meters, and the error does not exceed 50 millimeters. According to the CEO of «Shvabe» Vadim Kalyugin, currently there are no analogues of this development on the Russian market, and it differs from foreign solutions in its fail-safe operation in adverse meteorological conditions, as well as under mechanical and electromagnetic influences.

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The domestic system can withstand temperatures from –50 to +45°C and is enclosed in a moisture-resistant housing with IP65 protection class. In addition to operation on railways, it can be used in the metro or port crane facilities, Kalyugin noted. The development has already been tested, and is now undergoing trial operation on the Oktyabrskaya Railway. Launch into mass production is planned for 2024.

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