Renault, which left Russia, increased sales of its cars in 2023 by 9%

by alex

In 2023, the Renault Group sold more than 2.2 million cars

Renault Group reported on car sales in 2023: the company was able to sell 2 235 345 cars – 9% more than cars sold in 2022. Thus, Renault is successful even after leaving Russia and losing a very large market.

On the global market in 2023, Renault sold 1 548 748 cars – 9.4% more than in 2022. Sales in Europe soared by 19.3%. The budget sub-brand Dacia is also doing well: 658  321 cars sold over the past year – growth of 14.7% in annual terms. And even cars from the niche sports brand Alpine began to sell better: in 2023, 4,328 cars were sold – 22.1% more than in 2022.

This year, the Renault group plans to introduce seven new models, including two pure electric vehicles.

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