Putin allowed Roscosmos to sell satellite images of the Earth

by alex

Including authorities

Roscosmos received the legal right to sell Earth remote sensing data. The corresponding law was signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

You can sell satellite images and other Earth data, including to government agencies. The government will be able to specify cases when data should be provided free of charge. The federal law was adopted by the State Duma on April 9, 2024 and approved by the Federation Council on April 17, 2024. It will come into force  January 1, 2025.

The President's website explains:

Federal law is aimed at increasing the efficiency of the State Corporation «Roscosmos» by excluding the free provision by it of data, copies of data and products created as a result of processing primary data and contained in the federal fund of remote sensing data of the Earth from space. At the same time, the Federal Law gives the Government of the Russian Federation the authority to establish cases of free provision of specified data to individual consumers (users).

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