One of the last Superjet-100s went to Azimut Airlines

by alex

This is a Superjet with serial number 227

As Interfax reports, Yakovlev this month entered into an agreement with the Aviaprofleasing company for the supply of a SuperJet 100-95B aircraft with tail number 95227. The same aircraft was previously painted in the livery of the Azimut airline, and part of the 19 current Superjet-100 in the Azimut park was previously supplied under Aviaprofleasing contracts. In other words, the Superjet-100 with tail number 95227 will be used by Azimut Airlines to transport passengers.

Один из последних Superjet-100 достался авиакомпании «Азимут»

At the moment, Superjet-100 (95227) is registered with the Sukhoi Design Bureau. This is one of the most recent SuperJet 100-95Bs produced, having been released in early 2022 and first flown on July 19, 2022. After it (and also in 2022), three more SSJ-100s were produced with serial numbers 228, 229 and 230. No more SSJ-100s are produced: they were replaced by the imported SJ-100 with a completely Russian PD-8 engine instead of the Russian-made one. French SaM146.

The Federal Air Transport Agency announced a decrease in the number of aviation incidents in the country

Earlier, the head of Yakovlev said that the level of serviceability of Superjet-100 aircraft is consistently high, and this allows maintaining the regularity of flights at 98%.

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