The Toyota Vios sedan with a reliable engine and automatic transmission has dropped significantly in price in Russia. Now it is more affordable than Lada Vesta

by alex

If, of course, we compare it with the top versions of Vesta

As reported by «Auto News of the Day», the Toyota Vios sedan has noticeably fallen in price in Russia: if a couple of weeks ago the car was offered for 2.2 million rubles, now the minimum price has dropped to 1.835 million rubles . That is, Vios is now cheaper than top versions of Lada Vesta.

Being a budget sedan, Vios does not indulge in equipment (fabric interior, air conditioning, touch screen media system, electrically adjustable and heated mirrors), but even in Vesta the equipment is not all smooth sailing: no climate control, cruise control does not work, and the digital instrument panel is glitchy. Therefore, in general, in terms of equipment, Vios differs from «Vesta» not much.

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Седан Toyota Vios с надежным мотором и «автоматом» значительно подешевел в России. Теперь он доступнее Lada Vesta

But the Vios has something that the Vesta, which came off the production line, will never have: the Japanese sedan is equipped with a 4-speed automatic transmission. It works in conjunction with a 1.5-liter naturally aspirated engine producing 109 hp. However, now another version of Vios – has appeared in Russia. with a 1.5-liter 112-horsepower engine and a CVT.

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