Media: a one-minute trailer at Summer Game Fest will cost the company $250 thousand

by alex

According to Esquire, companies looking to promote their games at an event that attracts worldwide attention may have to pay a hefty sum depending on the length of the trailer.

The publication's source, who wished to remain anonymous, says that “these events are very expensive,” since a minute-long trailer will cost the company $250,000.

One and a half minutes trailer costs up to $350,000, the price of a two-minute trailer rises to $450,000. The maximum price is $550,000 for a two-and-a-half minute trailer.

The organization also makes even more money from companies that want to demo their games at the Summer Game Fest Play Day so that visitors can play them. This makes it almost impossible for a small studio to participate in the event.


Cover author: Esquire. Cover source: Esquire

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