Mass cleaning in the AppStore: Citydrive, Russian Railways and Sbermarket applications removed

by alex

“Moscow State Services” was removed from Google Play

Three popular Russian applications were immediately removed from the AppStore today: now in the catalog of programs for iOS it is impossible to download “Russian Railways Passengers” (with its help you could buy train tickets), “Sbermarket” (a service for delivering groceries and goods from stores) and the car sharing application “ Citydrive.”

Массовая чистка в AppStore: удалены приложения «Ситидрайва», РЖД и «Сбермаркета»

The SberMarket application on the iOS platform is not available for downloading and updating in the App Store. The previously installed application works as usual, there are no restrictions on its use, there is no need to delete it ,” Sbermarket commented on the situation.

In connection with the removal of the Russian Railways Passengers application from the App Store, we hasten to warn you that the currently installed versions will continue to work. It is not recommended to update and reinstall them, since it will not be possible to install new ones ,” said Russian Railways.

The cheap Chinese JAC T6 pickup has left the Russian market

All three of these applications are still available on Google Play, but “Moscow State Services” has been removed from the branded Android marketplace.

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