Lifan is rusting, Geely and Tank have high consumption, and Exeed has weak brakes. What do owners of Chinese cars in Russia complain about?

by alex

At the same time, many owners of “Chinese” cars, regardless of the brand, complain about difficulties with maintenance – lack of spare parts and high cost of repairs

Experts from the reputation management agency Sidorin LAB conducted a large study, in which they studied reviews of real owners of Chinese cars in Russia, as well as those who got acquainted with cars from the Middle Kingdom and were planning to buy, but for some reason didn't do this. Generalized results are given by «Avtovzglyad».

Lifan ржавеет, у Geely и Tank высокий расход, а у Exeed слабые тормоза. На что жалуются владельцы китайских автомобилей в России

As it turned out, Haval and Great Wall are most often criticized for high fuel consumption and poor body protection from corrosion. But high consumption – «trick» not only these two brands: owners of Geely, Tank, Dongfeng and Changan complain about it.

JAC cars are not favored for their mediocre design and low level of comfort. Let us remind you that the current «Muscovites» – These are renamed JAC models. Premium car brand Exeed is criticized for the quality of its brakes, and FAW – for plastic parts and poor anti-corrosion treatment. The complaints about Chery and Omoda lie in the area of ​​convenience and ergonomics of the driver's seat. Lifan owners complain about the body's poor resistance to corrosion.

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In general, different brands have different problems, but there are many questions about fuel consumption and body corrosion resistance. And many owners of «Chinese» they note difficulties with maintenance, and this is regardless of the brand: specifically, complaints about the lack of spare parts and the high cost of repairs.

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