Lada Vesta NG is a mysterious car: it’s difficult to start, and once it’s started, it’s difficult to turn it off

by alex

Two car owners complained about completely opposite problems

Owners of recently purchased Lada Vesta NG continue to face more and more new problems, and in some cases, the «troubles are diametrically opposed.

So, one owner complained that the car (in the top-end Techno configuration) was impossible to start: a notification window “Check the injection system” appears on the dashboard screen, and that’s it. ndash; All. The car does not react at all to pressing the engine start button.

And for another owner it’s the other way around: he would be happy to turn off the engine, but he can’t! A car enthusiast recorded the problem on video. The car is moving, the speed is about 2.5 thousand, and the speed – at zero. According to the driver, first errors appeared on electrical equipment, then an error appeared indicating a faulty brakes, and what’s most interesting – «the car does not turn off». In this case, all major systems are turned off. The owner is very upset by the service: he intends to leave the car at the dealer and get either a fully functional one, or take the money for the car.

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In the comments to the video, another Lada Vesta NG owner said that he encountered exactly the same problem after changing the turn switch and reflashing the key.

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