'It's a monumental task' as police use 3D scanners to reconstruct the site of a Bentley explosion on the US-Canada border as they investigate the cause of the accident.

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The reason is still under investigation

After federal authorities determined that the Bentley Flying Spur explosion on the US-Canada border was not an act of terrorism, the Niagara Falls Police Department began investigating the crash.

Police Chief John Faso said the investigation will be a big challenge for his department. He confirmed that 3D scanners are being used to create a digital scene of the crash, which should help investigators determine the cause of the accident.

“They bring equipment to the scene, scan the scene and create a 3D image of the entire scene,” said John Faso. “Such issues cannot be resolved overnight. This is a monumental task.”

«Это монументальная задача», — полиция с помощью 3D-сканеров реконструирует место взрыва Bentley на границе США и Канады, чтобы выяснять причину ДТП

While the department is looking to figure out what happened outside the vehicle, determining what happened inside it will also be critical, said automotive analyst Lauren Fix. She believes the Bentley Flying Spur's event data recorder will help investigators figure out what went wrong. According to one version, the driver could have a heart problem.

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There are also reports that some Bentley Flying Spurs built between 2018 and 2021 have been recalled in Australia due to problems that could lead to unintended acceleration. However, this car is a 2022 model year. Additionally, Bentley told the New York Times that the problem only affects right-hand drive models.

Let us remind you that a New York businessman, while driving a Bentley Flying Spur worth $300,000, exploded in the car with his wife last week on the border between the United States and Canada.

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