Integrated Radeon 890M graphics in new Ryzen AI 300 processors is faster than the desktop Radeon RX 6400

by alex

And approaching RTX 2050

New details about the performance of Ryzen AI 300 processors have appeared on the Internet. 

Well-known insider Golden Pig Upgrade shared the results of testing an MSI laptop at Computex. The laptop was based on the Ryzen AI 9 HX 370. 

The performance of this APU is 20% or more higher than its predecessor, and this applies to single-threaded and multi-threaded CPU and iGPU modes. More precisely, single-threaded performance with Cinebench R23 exceeds 2000 points, multi-threaded performance exceeds 20,000 points, and in 3DMark Time Spy the new product scores more than 3600 points. 

Интегрированное графическое ядро Radeon 890M в новых процессорах Ryzen AI 300 быстрее, чем настольная Radeon RX 6400

In the case of an iGPU, and this is the Radeon 890M, we are talking about performance at the level of the GeForce RTX 2050 and the desktop Radeon RX 6400. The first is a little faster, but the second is even a little slower. As a result, the Radeon 890M is 40-50% faster than the Radeon 780M, depending on TDP. Let us remind you that the Radeon 890M contains 1024 stream processors versus 768 in the Radeon 780M, and at the same time the RDNA 3 architecture is replaced by RDNA 3.5.  

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The Golden Pig Upgrade Pack insider once shared performance leaks of Intel CPUs of different generations and published Intel slides describing the Meteor Lake CPU. 

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