In the fall, Meta plans to demonstrate “real” smart augmented reality glasses ─ media

by alex

It has long been rumored that Meta is working on smart augmented reality glasses. Looks like we'll finally be able to see them this year.

Business Insider cites Meta sources and claims that the company plans to show off a pair of “real” augmented reality smart glasses this fall at Meta Connect. The glasses received the internal name Orion. They are a separate product from the recently released Ray-Ban Meta Smart Glasses and Meta Quest headsets. The post also reveals that Meta is under a lot of internal pressure to have a high-quality demo, and some company insiders have been experimenting with advanced prototypes.

However, it appears that the Orion glasses are not yet ready for general demonstration. Business Insider says that even if the glasses are demonstrated at Meta Connect, they will not be available to a wider audience. Last year it was reported that the company was planning an “internal” launch of the glasses in 2024, with a public release planned for 2027. It is likely that by this time we will see the third generation of Ray-Ban smart glasses (in 2025), which will receive a “neural interface strip” as an input device. Most likely, the demonstration will be a means of attracting public attention to what is to happen in the future.

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