In 2GIS you can now see your friends on the map and share your location

by alex

And the navigator will find the nearest parking lots and plot the route to the desired entrance

The 2GIS mapping service has launched a new function “Friends on the Map”; it already works in the latest version of mobile applications for the iOS and Android operating systems. With its help, you can share your location with friends and family: now right in 2GIS you can see where your friends are now, share your location, send reactions and build a route to a friend in one click.

В 2ГИС теперь можно увидеть на карте друзей и поделиться своим местоположением

The user’s geolocation will only be visible to those to whom he has given permission by adding him as a friend; To stop sharing your location with someone, you just need to remove them from your friends list, as the developers note. According to them, by the end of this year the application will have the ability to control your visibility and hide your location from your friends’ maps.

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In addition, now the navigator in the 2GIS application will offer options for nearby parking lots, and will also be able to build a route to a specific entrance to a residential building. The maps have become more detailed: the number of 3D building models has reached 500 in 40 Russian cities, three-dimensional road junctions, bridges and tunnels and more than 9.5 million trees have appeared. In the near future, lane guidance will also appear – the navigator will help you find out in advance where and where it is better to change lanes so as not to miss the right turn.

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