Has Samsung enjoyed increasing screen sizes? Fold6 and Flip6 will have larger external displays than current models

by alex

Flip6 may even become a record holder in the class

The new generation of Samsung Galaxy Z foldable smartphones will have larger external screens than current models.

Samsung понравилось увеличивать размеры экранов? Внешние дисплеи складных Fold6 и Flip6 будут больше, чем у текущих моделей

We previously heard that the Fold6 and Flip6 models will have a new design, but now industry analyst and founder of research companies Display Supply Chain Consultants and DisplaySearch Ross Young said that the external displays of the new products will be larger than their predecessors. And if in the case of Fold6 there are no details yet, and Fold5 has a completely normal external screen, then for Flip6 there are more accurate data – close to 3.9 inches. By comparison, the Flip5 is 3.4 inches, so the increase will be significant.

Moreover, in this case, Flip6 will have the largest external screen among clamshells. More precisely, it may become so if none of the other companies releases something superior to Flip6 earlier. Currently, the largest external display is on the Moto Razr 40 Ultra (3.6 inches).

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Because of his work, Young has access to information related to screens, so he often knows more than ordinary insiders. In particular, he talked about 120-Hz screens in the iPhone 12 Pro and 60-Hz screens in the younger devices of the line.

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