“Gamers prefer PlayStation.” A former Rockstar employee spoke out about the release of GTA 6 on PC

by alex

Former Rockstar Games animator Mike York, who worked on GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2, shared his thoughts on why the sixth part of the series will first be released on consoles and only then on PC.

“One of the main points I want to convey to you about why PC ports will come later is that for developers the priority is the platform on which the games sell better Total. For most of the time, PlayStation was a sales giant. Everyone wanted a PlayStation, everyone had a PlayStation, and PlayStation games sold best.”

The developer goes on to explain that during his career At Rockstar, Sony devices have always been the main platform for which games are developed. Only after this did the developers think about versions for Xbox and PC.

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“We developed GTA 5 for PS3 and Xbox, but mostly squeezed the last juice out of PS3. At that time it was in many ways the best hardware, and we optimized the game mainly for this platform.”

The game was then ported to Xbox, tested, and the PC version existed in the background, but was unpolished. Also, the PC has a lot of different components and the developers had to take this into account when optimizing.

The developer noted that the PC version always has an advantage over console releases. PCs are faster than consoles and creators can expand the game by adding new particle effects, increasing the number of NPCs in certain scenes and improving the quality of vegetation.

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