Embracer believes players are willing to pay more than $70 for worthwhile games

by alex

According to the head of the holding, Lars Wingefors, the company was seriously discussing the possibility of increasing the cost of its games

Executive Director of Embracer Group Lars Wingefors gave an interview to GamesIndustry.biz, in which he complained about rising development costs, inflation and difficult competition for the attention of players who prefer only well-known series.

According to Wingefors, companies prefer not to take risks with new intellectual property due to the cost of development, and only invest in well-known series and proven studios.

Wingefors sincerely believes that users are willing to pay more than $70 for worthwhile games, it’s just that companies have not yet tried to increase the base cost of their projects.

“I’m not saying you can’t increase the cost, it’s just that the reality is that no one has tried it. If you create, for example, a huge and well-developed RPG with a unique experience of 100-150 hours, will the consumer be willing to pay more? If so, then more such projects would appear on the market”.

Vingefors noted that Embracer discussed increasing the cost of games, but in the end decided to stick to the generally accepted position in the industry.

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Image source: Embracer Group

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