Elon Musk's ex-wife presented the world's first children's toys with ChatGPT, which have their own “personalities”

by alex

There are three of them: Gabbo, Grem and Grok

It seems that children's toys are reaching a new level and will change dramatically. Singer Grimes, also known for being married to Elon Musk for several years, together with the startup Curio and with the support of OpenAI, presented children's toys with ChatGPT. 

There are currently three toy models: Gabbo, Grem and Grok. Everyone has their own «character» and a voice, with all three voiced by Grimes herself. More precisely, I recorded my voice for the AI, which, based on these recordings, voices toys. 

In the United States, a few years ago there was a boom in smart speakers, and on the Internet you can find many interesting videos where young children interact with such devices in one way or another. With these toys, the same interaction will be much larger and more personal for the child. 

The toys are equipped with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, a microphone, an accelerometer, a speaker and can be paired with smartphones so that parents can customize the behavior of the toys and, if necessary, view the history of conversations between the toys and the child.  

ChatGPT is not only possible, but will need to be used for studying and writing coursework. Arizona State University partners with OpenAI

Grimes notes that such toys can provide children with a break from modern gadgets. In addition, modern chatbot capabilities make it possible to turn such toys into real friends for young children. 

True, the authors of the project honestly warn that for now this is more of a beta test, so you need to buy such toys with an understanding of how modern AI works and what features it has. Apparently, in this case we are referring primarily to the so-called hallucinations of AI, when the latter can actually «invent» non-existent information.  

Toys can now be ordered for $100 each.  

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