AvtoVAZ will solve an important problem for Lada Granta: a service campaign has been launched to replace ABS sensors

by alex

The work will be performed free of charge

«AvtoVAZ» launched a new service campaign aimed at eliminating shortcomings and pinpointing solutions to problems in Lada cars. This time the campaign affected a batch of Lada Grantas, on which it is necessary to check and, if necessary, replace the front wheel speed sensor.

According to factory instruction No. 09-24, dealers must check the front wheel speed sensor and inspect the fixation of the sensor harness in the clip. If damage is found, it is recommended to completely replace the sensor with a new one.

All work related to service campaigns is performed by AvtoVAZ free of charge. This usually occurs the first time you visit the dealer for warranty repairs or scheduled maintenance.

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