AvtoVAZ will repair faulty engines in Lada Niva Travel and Lada Niva Legend for free

by alex

Possible “chaotic misfires on all cylinders”

Russian automobile giant AvtoVAZ has launched a service campaign for the Lada Niva Travel and Lada Niva Legend SUVs due to identified engine performance deficiencies. This was reported by the thematic publication Lada Online with reference to the order sent by the company to Lada dealerships.

АвтоВАЗ бесплатно починит в Lada Niva Travel и Lada Niva Legend сбоящий двигатель

It is noted that during operation, users may encounter unstable engine operation, including “chaotic misfires on all cylinders.” If you contact the center with such complaints, the car will be diagnosed, and if incorrect operation of the throttle valve is also detected, the software of the electronic engine control unit will be updated.

All necessary work will be performed free of charge upon your first visit to the auto center, for example, during scheduled maintenance.

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