A suspension part of the newest BYD Leopard 5 SUV was bent with a wrench. Official comment published

by alex

The suspension has passed strict tests

A Chinese car blogger took a small wrench and bent the lower arm of the chassis of the new BYD Leopard 5 SUV with his bare hands, questioning the quality and reliability of the car.

This caused heated discussions on social networks, some users noted that the blogger successfully used the lever and accurately chose the place where the force was applied.

Brand Product Manager Fang Cheng Bao officially stated that the main part of the Leopard 5 frame is made of high-strength steel with a yield strength >750MPa and a tensile strength of 800MPa. The chassis swing arm is made of high strength steel > 500 MPa and tensile strength 550 MPa.

In structural simulation, ultra-high strength bench testing, real vehicle durability testing, high and low temperature testing, salt spray corrosion resistance testing, and abuse testing in various off-road conditions, non-load-bearing large The Leopard 5 frame performed well and met stringent requirements.

Fang Cheng Bao Brand Product Manager

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