A plant was built in Russia to produce Ladoga and Baikal aircraft.

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LMS-901 “Baikal” and TVRS-44 “Ladoga” should become the main Russian small and medium-range aviation

As reported by Mashnews, in the special economic zone «Titanium Valley» Three new facilities for the Ural Civil Aviation Plant (UZGA) appeared in the Sverdlovsk region. They will be used in the production of Russian civil aircraft «Baikal» and «Ladoga».

A total of three buildings have been built at the moment, and they have already been put into operation. The largest of them is the production building – the area is 6.5 thousand m2. Construction is currently underway on another production building, the area of ​​which will exceed 10 thousand m2 (construction will be completed in 2024).

LMS-901 «Baikal» and TVRS-44 «Ladoga» should become the main Russian small and medium-haul aviation.

«Baikal» will act as a replacement for «Kukuruznik» (An-2). The cruising speed of the aircraft will be 300 km/h, the maximum flight range — 3 thousand km (with a payload of 2 tons — 1.5 thousand km). It can carry up to 9 people.

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TVRS-44 «Ladoga» there will be much more, this aircraft will already be able to replace the An-24. In the basic version, TVRS-44 will be able to transport 44 passengers or up to 5 tons of cargo. Flight range «Ladoga» with people — 2200 km, with load — 1200 km. Cruising speed — 460—480 km/h.

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