A 100-year-old Auto Red Bug electric car in perfect condition is up for sale

by alex

It is equipped with an electric motor

The rare Auto Red Bug electric car, produced back in 1924 by Automotive Electric Service Corporation, was put up for sale on eBay.

The car is built on a wooden platform, which acts as a load-bearing frame and at the same time serves as a damper. The car does not have a suspension as such, and road unevenness is partially absorbed due to the bends of the wood.

100 years ago this car enjoyed some popularity because it was quiet and emitted no emissions, did not require maintenance and was easy to drive due to the lack of a gearbox. The Auto Red Bug cost $125, while the Ford Model T started at $290.

The car received an electric motor mounted in the rear part and rotating one wheel. The batteries were located in a box behind the seats. It is curious that the Auto Red Bug used an engine similar to those that served as a starter on some internal combustion engine cars of that period.

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Электромобиль 100-летней давности Auto Red Bug в идеальном состоянии выставили на продажу

The seller claims that the car for sale is not only running, but has also won prizes in rarities competitions.

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