Changan, BAIC and Kaiyi dealers began selling cars at prices below recommended prices. How much can you save?

by alex

Sedan with a CVT at the price of a Lada Vesta with manual transmission

High interest rates on loans have reduced the demand for cars in Russia, but cars need to be sold, so dealers of Chinese car brands began to offer new cars at prices lower than recommended. As a result, a number of models with an automated transmission can be purchased for less than 2 million rubles.

For example, a Kaiyi dealer from Ufa suggested to a correspondent Kaiyi E5 sedan with a CVT in the basic configuration for 1.91 million rubles, which is lower than the recommended retail price (RRP). And the Moscow dealer BAIC is ready to sell the U5 Plus sedan with a CVT for 1.75 million — despite the fact that the RRP is 2.05 million rubles. In Nizhny Novgorod, the Changan dealer showed his generosity by offering the Alsvin sedan in the basic configuration for 120 thousand rubles cheaper than the RRP.

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It turns out that these sedans cost approximately at the level of the Lada Vesta, but at the same time offer an automated gearbox, which the Russian car does not yet have. dealers of Chinese cars.

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