270 million rubles will be invested in the serial production of the Russian vertical take-off drone

by alex

It is certified to work in difficult conditions and with expensive loads

Foundation «National Technology Initiative» (NTI) is going to finance the serial production of domestic vertical take-off and landing aircraft-type drones. The fund intends to invest 270 million rubles in the development of the Russian UAV developer «Ecolibri». The money will be transferred in several tranches, the first of which the company will use to accelerate the certification of the R-75 unmanned vertical take-off and landing aircraft.

Model «Р-75» with a wingspan of 5 meters, it has a flight range of 750 km and can carry up to 25 kg of payload. Certification of an aircraft is necessary to confirm that it can be used in difficult conditions and with expensive loads. In «Ecolibri» reported that the UAV will be certified for a wide range of operating conditions according to aviation regulations, this will help both its promotion in the domestic market and export.

Steering mechanism detail for Lada Iskra shown from all sides

In addition, NTI funds will also be used to refine Russian components that meet the requirements of airworthiness standards. Tests «Р-75» will take place in the Moscow, Ryazan and Novgorod regions, as well as in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

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